ORCS Group Designation List

This page will be updated by the Tabulation Director after the teams attending each ORCS tournament are finalized, and will be updated thereafter as necessary.

Group Designations: Under the ORCS pairing system, teams at each ORCS tournament will be placed into one of four Groups based on each team's Team Power Ranking. Group A comprises the teams with the six best Team Power Rankings at the tournament, Group B comprises the 7th through 12th best Team Power Rankings, and so forth. Group designations may change up to the point of the random draw for Round 1 pairings if there are changes in the teams attending a tournament, such as last-minute drops. If two or more teams are tied at the same Team Power Ranking and breaking the tie is necessary to determine Group designations, regional results will be used as a tiebreaker. Please consult the Tabulation Manual for more information on how the pairings at ORCS are guided by the Group designations.

Questions or concerns regarding anything related to ORCS pairings or Group designations should be directed to Diane Michalak, AMTA Tabulation Director.



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