ORCS Earned Bid List

This page will be updated by the Tabulation Director as teams qualify from regional tournaments.

Bid Allocations: Each Regional Tournament is allotted a set number of direct bids pursuant to Rules 6.6 and 6.7 to an Opening Round Championship Series tournament, or “ORCS”, as indicated.  The top six teams at each ORCS will receive bids to the National Championship Tournament.  Each school may earn no more than two bids to the Opening Round Championship Series.  If a bid from a Regional to an ORCS is declined or otherwise ineligible, that bid is placed into a nationwide Open Bid pool, and will be distributed to the next best team, nationwide, which did not qualify for ORCS.  AMTA does not anticipate distributing any open bids until – at the earliest – the week between the third and fourth weekends of Regionals.  For more information on the Open Bid procedures and to view the current open bid list, click here.

Questions or concerns regarding anything related to ORCS bids, bid distribution, open bids, or bid reservation should be directed to Diane MIchalak, AMTA Tabulation Director.

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