Case Materials Information

AMTA annually releases a case problem that is used in AMTA-sanctioned competitions for the duration of that academic year.  AMTA will periodically release updates to the case problem throughout the season.  When updates are released, an announcement will be made on the AMTA homepage and updated materials will be available through this site.  To receive access to the current AMTA case problem, each school must ​pay the annual School Registration Fee, which is currently $450.00.  For more information regarding school registration, please click here.

  • Restrictions on Current Case Use

Current year cases may be distributed to student participants of one's own school and judges.  Access to and copies of the case may not be provided to any other students or schools.  For AMTA's complete case access and use policy, please refer to the AMTA Rulebook located on the Rules and Forms page.  Violations of the case access and use policy are sanctionable under the AMTA Rulebook.

  • Access and Use of Past Case Materials

Access to past AMTA cases can be granted pursuant to the AMTA Rulebook.  If you believe you are entitled to access to past AMTA cases without a fee, please email AMTA with demonstration that you meet these requirements.  Otherwise, payment of fees to access past cases can be made at the AMTA Store.  Following approval of the requirements or receipt of payment, AMTA will provide instructions for obtaining log-on information to case materials.