Competition Rules and Forms

This page contains all of the official rules and forms that govern the American Mock Trial Association competitions.  Each of the documents will be updated on this site as new versions are created and approved for use by the AMTA Board of Directors.  Please check back regularly to ensure that you have the most updated version of these documents.

Competition Rules

Rulebook - last updated ​August 2022

  • AMTA Rulebook Renumbering Index - The AMTA Rulebook was completely reorganized to make it easier to use as of August 2022. This index shows which old rule numbers correspond to the new rule numbers.
  • AMTA Invention of Fact Guidance Memorandum - released December 20, 2019
  • The Rulebook contains all rules and policies that govern AMTA competitions, the competition structure, board membership, sanction policies, and membership requirements among other things.  The Rulebook is traditionally updated semi-annually following the AMTA Board of Directors Meeting (July) and the AMTA Mid-Year Meeting (December).  If you have any questions about the rules that govern AMTA competitions, please contact Elizabeth Smiley, AMTA Rules Committee Chairperson.

Tabulation Manual - last updated ​​July 2022

  • The Tabulation Manual contains all procedures for scoring and pairing AMTA competitions.  The Tabulation Manual is used by AMTA Representatives at each AMTA-sanctioned tournament to determine the pairings for each round of competition.  The Tabulation Manual also contains procedures to determine the winners of AMTA-sanctioned competitions, including tie-breaking procedures.  The Tabulation Manual is traditionally updated semi-annually following the AMTA Board of Directors Meeting (July) and the AMTA Mid-Year Meeting (November).  If you have any questions regarding tabulation procedures or the Tabulation Manual, please contact Diane Michalak, AMTA Tabulation Director.

Midlands Rules of Evidence - last updated ​September 2021

  • This document contains the version of the Rules of Evidence that are used in AMTA competitions.  While these rules are based off of the Federal Rules of Evidence, they are tailored to meet the needs of an AMTA competition.

Competition Forms

Judging Presentation (PDF) ​(NCT Version)
Presiding Judge Script (NCT Version)

Judging Presentation (In-person Version)
Presiding Judge Script (In-person Version)

Judging Presentation (Online Version)
Presiding Judge Script (Online Version)

  • Please note the above presentations are all from the 2021-2022 competition season.  The documents for 2022-2023 will be made available in late 2022. 
  • This is the presentation used to orient judges in the Judges' Meetings at AMTA-sanctioned competitions.  The PowerPoint is used in each Judges' Meeting before each round of AMTA-sanctioned competitions.  Any questions regarding the AMTA's judging documents should be directed to Elizabeth Smiley, AMTA Rules Committee Chairperson.

Competition Integrity Committee Advisory Opinion Request Form

  • Guidance Memorandum (February 2019)
  • This is the Competition Integrity Committee (CIC) Advisory Opinion Request Form, which should be used to submit an issue to the CIC before the AMTA season begins in February to receive advisory opinions from AMTA about potential invention of fact issues.
  • In the Spring, AMTA will release a new CIC Complaint Form to be used following an officially sanctioned AMTA tournament wherein a team thinks a rule violation has occurred.  The CIC is charged with responding to in-season questions and problems and with issuing timely rule interpretations during the season. 
  • For more information on what is appropriate to submit to the CIC, please review the above Memorandum and/or please contact Toby Heytens, the CIC Chairperson.

Timekeeper Sheet (Online Version)
Timekeeper Sheet (In-person Version)

  • This document is the timekeeper sheet that is used at an AMTA-sanctioned competitions.  Per AMTA Rules, each team is required to provide their own timekeeper at an AMTA-sanctioned competition and should use the Timekeeper Sheet to track the time for each round of competition.

Captains Meeting Form
Gender Pronouns Form
Character Evidence Form

  • As permitted by the Midlands Rules of Evidence, these documents are the Captains' Meeting, Gender Pronouns Form, and Character Evidence Forms that are to be used in AMTA-sanctioned competitions.

Spirit of AMTA Form

  • This document is the Spirit of AMTA form that is to be used to determine the winner of the Spirit of AMTA award at each AMTA-sanctioned competition.