AMTA School Manager and Individual Registration

All AMTA competitors and Official Contacts must register with AMTA through the AMTA School Manager.  The School Manager is specifically designed for teams to manage their rosters, individual registrations, payments, tournaments, case access, and bid confirmations all in one place. As we continue to roll out this Tournament Manager, we will progressively release additional functionality, and we will keep you updated on those changes.

  • Initial Steps: Click here to access the School Manager.  All new users must click "Register" and/or ​register using your Google credentials.  All Official Contacts and Students must register themselves and create an account to use the portal.
  • Official Contacts:
    • Each official contact should register as a "School Manager". Each School Manager will be confirmed by AMTA once registered, as AMTA will review and confirm that the School Manager matches the Official Contact on file for your school with AMTA.
    • Once registered and confirmed, this will permit you to view the students registered for your school and manage the rosters for your school in real time. Going forward, the School Manager will be able to be transitioned year-to-year (if necessary), and it will permit you to manage all billing, payments and registrations for AMTA tournaments through this one online portal.
    • ​If your Official Contact is also a Student: Please register for an account (it does not matter which type) and then send an email to AMTA to advise us that you are also a School Manager/Student, and we will update your account to reflect same.
  • Students:
    • To comply with AMTA's individual registration requirement, each individual student must REGISTER and CREATE AN ACCOUNT in the system. 
    • School Managers SHOULD NOT add students directly.  Students will populate on the School Manager page once they create an account. 
    • All AMTA competitors must register in the AMTA Tournament Manager as a "Student". Once registered, the student names will appear on the School Manager's page and be able to be added to a roster for your school. All of this occurs in real time, which will eliminate the historical email correspondence between schools and AMTA to confirm individual registrations.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns regarding the ​School Manager, please email those questions to AMTA and we will be glad to help you.