General Registration Information

In order to be eligible to compete in AMTA-sanctioned tournaments during any given academic year, each school and competitor must register with AMTA prior to a series of deadlines.  This page summarizes the registration requirements to be eligible for placement in an AMTA Regional tournament.

1.  School Registration Forms and Fees

Initial Deadline: October 16, 2023

​Final Registration Deadline (add $75 Late Fee per team after Oct. 16) : January 15, 2024

Each school must register with AMTA by the deadline above to be eligible for placement in AMTA's Regional tournaments.  Registrations will be accepted after the initial deadline on a first-come first-served basis.  Schools that register after the initial deadline will be placed on a wait list and should check the Regional Tournament page regularly for updates on their status on the wait list.  This includes "add-ons" of additional teams to previously timely registered programs.

In order to be considered "registered" for placement in an AMTA Regional Tournament, each school must complete the following steps on or before the above deadline:

*Note: All fees can be paid online via the AMTA Store.*

 If you require an invoice to obtain payment from your school, please click here.

Following completion of these steps, the school's Primary Contact will receive an email with information regarding accessing case materials.  Schools should then check back at the Regional Tournament page in late November for information regarding their regional tournament assignment and complete all individual regional tournament registration forms to confirm participation. 

If you have questions regarding the registration process or fees, please contact AMTA.

If you have questions regarding AMTA's tournament structure or team assignments, please contact Andy Hogan, AMTA Tournament Administration Committee Chairperson.

2. Institutional Authorization Letter Submission

Per the AMTA Rules, each school’s teams must be authorized by its school in order to compete in AMTA tournaments and must submit a letter denoting said authorization.

  • Deadline for submission: A school’s registration as a member school is not complete until the letter is submitted. All letters should be submitted no later than October 16. If a school is registering after the October 16 deadline, then the letter is due as soon as possible, but no later than January 15. Submission of the letter is a required step for registration and a school will not be assigned to a regional tournament until the letter is received per Rule 2.8.

  • Content of letter: Here is a sample authorization letter that you may use that includes all of the required content.
    If you prefer to draft your own letter, then the letter must:
    • Be printed on the letterhead of the school;
    • Indicate the school’s authorization for mock trial team(s) to register with AMTA and participate in sanctioned tournaments;
    • Indicate the signer’s willingness to serve as a point of contact for major violations, grievances, or emergencies involving the school’s mock trial program;
    • Indicate the school’s acknowledgement that AMTA may impose fees, penalties, or sanctions upon the registered team or program and that if such fees, penalties or sanctions are imposed then AMTA will not allow students from that institution to participate in future years until those fees, penalties, or sanctions have been paid or otherwise complied with;
    • Have a handwritten or electronic signature of the signer with a signature block that indicates the signer’s position or title; and
      • If the letter is electronically signed, then the letter must be submitted to the AMTA office via email directly from the email account of the letter’s signer.
      • A letter with an electronic signature will not be accepted if sent via mail, or from the email account of anyone who is not the signer.
    • Have a date indicating when the letter was signed, which must be within 30 days of receipt by AMTA.
  • Persons who may sign the letter:
    • An administrator of the school or an academic unit or office thereof, including but not limited to titles of president, vice president, chancellor, provost, dean, department chair, and assistants and deputies thereof;
    • A full-time faculty member of the school;
    • A pre-law advisor of the school;
    • A professional staff member of a school’s student affairs or student organization office;
    • An employee of the school holding a position or title substantially equivalent to any of subsections (a) through (d).
  • Persons who may not sign the letter:
    • A person holding the title or rank of part-time faculty, adjunct faculty, or other equivalent titles;
    • A person not employed by the school or not permitted by the school to act on behalf of the school;
    • A person who is an undergraduate student or law student at the school and does not meet any of the credentials discussed above.

3.  Current Competitor Registration

Deadline: By 5:00 p.m. on the Monday preceding the first AMTA-sanctioned tournament.

Each individual competing student must register with AMTA annually in order to be eligible to compete in AMTA-sanctioned tournaments.  Students may register at any time prior to competing.  However, students must register on or before 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the first AMTA-sanctioned tournament that the student intends to compete in for that academic year. 

If you have any questions about the current competitor registration process or form, please email us here.

4.  Alumni Registration

AMTA is continuously trying to reach-out and reconnect with all of its alumni members.  If you are a former AMTA competitor or coach and would like to receive information on AMTA news, tournaments and how to get involved, please complete the AMTA Alumni Registration form and you will be added to our email list.

If you have any questions about the alumni registration process or form, please contact Jacinth Sohi, AMTA's Development Chair.