Regional Tournament Wait List

AMTA maintains a wait list for teams to be assigned to regional tournaments according to the below procedure, which is further outlined in the AMTA Rulebook.  If you have any questions about the administration of the AMTA Regional Tournament Wait List, please contact Andy Hogan, AMTA Tournament Administration Committee Chair.

Wait-list Procedure:
The following teams are waitlisted for the 2024 regional tournaments.  They will be removed off the wait list as spots become available using the following criteria.
  • FIrst Tier: Timely Registered "D" and "E" Teams
    • A school that registered timely (on or before October 15, 2023) is guaranteed placement of only three teams.  “D” teams are assigned only on a space-available basis.  As a result, “D” teams are waitlisted because all regional tournaments near their school are currently full.
  • Second through Sixth Tier: Untimely Registered "A" through "E" Teams
    • Teams on the wait list shall be divided into whether the waitlisted team would be the first, second, third, fourth, etc. team from that school.  Priority shall be given in that order; in other words, Alaska A has priority over Hawaii B, which has priority over Montana C.  The rationale of this rule is to be consistent with AMTA’s overall philosophy of maximizing participation from additional schools before adding extra participation from existing members. 
    • As between teams in the “tiers” described above, priority will be given based on the date when full payment for that team was received at the AMTA office, with earlier dates taking precedence. 
    • As between any teams still tied based on the above criteria, priority will be given based on geographic factors.  In other words, if West Coast A and East Coast A are both on the wait list, and both payments were received on the same date, West Coast A has priority for available regional slots on the west coast; East Coast A has priority for available regional slots on the east coast.  
    • As between any teams still tied based on the above criteria, the Tournament Administration Committee Chair shall make open regional tournament slots available simultaneously.  The first team to accept a slot is the recipient.  
    • The first team on the wait list will be offered its choice of any open regional tournament slot, regardless of geography.  The Team Assignment Subcommittee reserves the right to control assignments if assigning a team to a site would have negative implications for the power/strength of a particular regional.  Remaining slot(s) will be offered to the next team on the waitlist until all available slots are exhausted.  However, the standard rule that no more than two teams from a school may attend a single regional tournament remains in effect. 
    • If a team declines all available regional tournament slots, the team shall remain on the wait list in its present position, and remains “first in line” for new slots as they become available. 
    • All teams accepting a regional assignment under this procedure do so understanding that, if they accept a geographically distant regional assignment, their bid to the opening round championship site may also be geographically distant, based on the current feeder assignments.  
    • An offer of a regional tournament slot shall expire if acceptance is not received within 48 hours after the offer is made. 


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