2020 - 2021 Invitational Tournament Results

To have your tab summary included here, please email it to AMTA.

Notice to Invitational Hosts: Mandatory Case License Fee

All AMTA cases are the intellectual property of the American Mock Trial Association. By paying the School Registration Fee, your program receives a license to use a case for internal educational purposes and competing at AMTA-sanctioned tournaments (that is, regionals, ORCS, and the National Championship Tournament). This license does not permit use of AMTA's case materials to host an invitational tournament. Anyone wishing to use an AMTA case to host an invitational tournament must obtain a separate license.

For 2020-21, this license will require tournament hosts to
(1) complete the Invitational Registration Form;

(2) pay AMTA an amount equal to $6.00 per team per trial for your tournament. (So, for example, a 4-round, 24-team tournament would require payment of $576.00; if the same tournament had a final round, the fee would be $588.00). Payment is due 60 days after receipt of an invoice.  Payment can be made online here;

(3) provide AMTA with a copy of the tournament tab summary and copies of all captains' meeting ​forms no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the tournament, which can be e-mailed to AMTA here; and

(4) respond promptly to any requests for information from AMTA.

If you host an AMTA-sanctioned tournament (i.e. Regionals, ORCS, or Nationals), you are exempt from the fee but still must meet all other requirements.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in sanctions under the AMTA rules or other consequences. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

13th Annual Happy Valley Invitational
October 2-4, 2020 | Pennsylvania State University

Nordic Mock Trial Battle
October 9-11, 2020 | University of Minnesota

The Red Devil Sleeping Bowtie Invitational
October 10-11, 2020 | Dickinson College

2020 Habeas Hippopotamus Invitational
October 16-18, 2020 | George Washington University

Testing the Waters Invitational
October 16-18, 2020 | Loras College

12th Annual Wildcat Invitational
October 17-18, 2020 | University of New Hampshire

19th Annual Scarlet and Gray Invitational
October 17-18, 2020 | Ohio State University

2020 Demon Deacon Invitational
October 17-18, 2020 | Wake Forest University

6th Annual Colonial Classic
October 24-25, 2020 | College of William & Mary

2020 Grand Ole Tournament
October 24-25, 2020 | Vanderbilt University

9th Annual Richard Calkins Invitational
October 24-25, 2020 | Drake University

13th Annual Spartan Throwdown Invitational
October 24-25, 2020 | Case Western Reserve University

12th Annual Classic City invitational
October 31 - November 1, 2020 | University of Georgia

Mumbo Jumbo XIII
October 31 - November 1, 2020 | Tufts University

YellowJacket Invitational
November 7-8, 2020 | University of Rochester

20th Annual Cornshucker Challenge
November 7-8, 2020 | University of Iowa

2020 Wonk Invitational
November 14-15, 2020 | American University

George Floyd Memorial Tournament
November 14-15, 2020 | Hamline University

2020 Yale Invitational
November 14-15, 2020 | Yale University

3rd Annual Indy Mock Hundred
November 14-15, 2020 | IUPUI

Second Annual Sundown Showdown
November 14-15, 2020 | Arizona State University