General Tournament Information

AMTA annually hosts a series of competitions from February through April to foster the development of undergraduate students in the areas of leadership, public speaking, rhetoric, and persuasion through a legal forum.  All teams from any undergraduate institution are eligible to register and compete.  Our tournament season begins in February with Regional Tournaments.  The top teams from each Regional will receive a bid to an Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS) tournament in March.  After the ORCS round, the top teams from each ORCS tournament will receive a bid to the National Championship Tournament in April.

For more specific information about each round of competition, please visit the respective page for that round of tournaments.  If you have any questions about the AMTA tournament structure, the rules, or anything related to AMTA, please do not hesitate to contact the Tournament Administration Committee Chairperson.

2023 Team Numbers

  • This link contains the team numbers that should be used for the 2023 competition season.  AMTA annually assigns team numbers to each program to be used for the duration of the academic year.  Team numbers are assigned for anonymity purposes (i.e. so judges do not know which school any given team is from).

2023 Team Power Rankings

  • This document contains the Team Power Rankings (TPR) for the 2023 competition season.  AMTA annually calculates each team's TPR based on their respective performance in ORCS and National Championship rounds of competition in the previous three seasons.  For more information on how TPR is calculated and what it is used for, please refer to the AMTA Rulebook or send questions to Diane Michalak, AMTA Tabulation Director.


 Team Numbers  Team Power Rankings
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