Midlands v. Ryder is now available!

Midlands v. Ryder is now available!

Aug 15, 2019 - The first criminal case for 2019-2020 – State of Midlands v. Jordan Ryder – is now available via the AMTA website.  Please report any errors to the Criminal Case Committee.  We will release an update on or before Sunday, September 15.  An announcement will be made on the AMTA website whenever updated documents are posted.

Case Access Information:
Each school has a unique log-on to access all case materials on the AMTA website. This log-on may not be shared with anyone outside of the school to which it is assigned. Violations of AMTA’s case access policy (as explained in the AMTA Rulebook) will be tracked, reported, and sanctioned as appropriate under AMTA rules. If your school has completed all registration steps for the 2020 season, you should have received an email from AMTA confirming that fact. Schools that have not yet completed the registration process will receive log-in permission once they do so. Please contact AMTA with any questions.

Notice to Invitational Hosts: Mandatory Case License Fee

All AMTA cases are the intellectual property of the American Mock Trial Association. By paying the School Registration Fee, your program receives a license to use a case for internal educational purposes and competing at AMTA-sanctioned tournaments (that is, regionals, ORCS, and the National Championship Tournament). This license does not permit use of AMTA's case materials to host an invitational tournament. Anyone wishing to use an AMTA case to host an invitational tournament must obtain a separate license.

For 2019-2020, this license will require tournament hosts to:

(1) complete the Invitational Registration Form;

(2) pay AMTA an amount equal to $6.00 per team per trial for your tournament. (So, for example, a 4-round, 24-team tournament would require payment of $576.00; if the same tournament had a final round, the fee would be $588.00). Payment is due 60 days after receipt of an invoice.  Payment can be made online here;

(3) provide AMTA with a copy of the tournament tab summary and copies of all captains' meeting ​forms no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the tournament, which can be e-mailed to AMTA here; and

(4) respond promptly to any requests for information from AMTA.

If you host an AMTA-sanctioned tournament (i.e. Regionals, ORCS, or Nationals), you are exempt from the fee but still must meet all other requirements. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in sanctions under the AMTA rules or other consequences. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Forgotten Username or Password Information:
-If you have forgotten your password, please go here. After filling out that form, you will receive an email with instructions for changing your user password on the AMTA website.

-If you have forgotten or misplaced your username, please let us know and we can provide that information to you. If you would like to create a new account to be associated with your new official contact, please let us know, and we can provide further instructions for completing this task.

Team Numbers and Regional Assignments:
Please note that case access does not necessarily confirm that AMTA has received all aspects of your registration for 2020 for purposes of assignment to a regional tournament. If your team has been assigned a team number, then that is confirmation that AMTA has received all required items for placement into a regional tournament. Team numbers can be viewed here. If your team is not listed with a team number, this means that AMTA still needs to receive one or more of the following (i.e. online registration form, institutional authorization letter, regional team fee payment, any owed penalties or fines). You may email AMTA to find out what is missing.

Information regarding the location and dates of all 2020 AMTA-sanctioned tournaments will be published in the coming weeks. AMTA will make an announcement online and via social media when this information is available. AMTA will likewise release all regional tournament assignments (i.e., which tournament you will attend from that list) on or before Thanksgiving. Please check back on the AMTA website in late November to review your tournament assignment and follow all post-assignment procedures, which can be found here.

Future Communications:
All future communications from AMTA will be sent to your school’s "Official Contact E-Mail". If you need to change this primary contact at any point during the 2019-2020 year, please email us, and we will update our records. The email to change the contact must come directly from the current contact. It is imperative that you maintain current contact information with AMTA, because many important communications and tournament information will be sent directly to that address.

GOOD LUCK IN 2019-2020!

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