Board of Directors Committees

The 2023-2024 Committee assignments for the AMTA Board of Directors are as follows:

AMTA Officers

Johnathan Woodward, President
​Jacinth Sohi, President-Elect
Michael D'Ippolito, Secretary
William Warihay, Treasurer

Executive Committee (also serves as Nominating Committee)

Johnathan Woodward (President)
Jacinth Sohi (President-Elect)
William Warihay (Treasurer)
Michael D'Ippolito (Secretary)
​Justin Bernstein (Development Committee Chair)
DeLois Leapheart (Academics Committee Chair)
Diane Michalak (Tabulation Director)
Brandon Harper (Diversity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair)
Melissa Watt (Diversity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chair)
Elizabeth Smiley (Rules Committee Chair)
Andy Hogan (Tournament Administration Chair)

Academics Committee

To provide resources for AMTA members who wish to create mock trial courses and curricula, to conduct research on mock trial, and to serve as a liaison to academic institutions.

DeLois Leapheart (Chair)
David Ben-Merre
​Bennett Demsky
Allen Linken
Mitch Pickerill
Tom Parker

Accommodations Committee

Brian Olson (Chair)
David Cross (Counsel)
Josh Leckrone
Melissa Watt

Analytics Committee
Sam Jahangir (Chair)
Kate Hayner-Slattery
Andy Hogan
​Elise Wilson

Audit Committee
Glen Halva-Neubauer (Chair)
Tom Parker
Kristen Stoicescu

Budget Committee
William Warihay (Treasurer/Chair)
​Johnathan Woodward (President)
Michael D'Ippolito (Secretary)
Matthew Eslick
Kyle Thomason

Case Committees

Review case proposals and select the case for use in competition, offer clarifications as necessary, respond to queries regarding the case and make revisions as necessary

2023-24 Criminal Case Committee
Neal Schuett (Chair)
Mahmud Bari
David Ben-Merre
Robson Hauser
Graham Henry
Buchanan J. Vines
Elizabeth Smiley
Jeremy Zarzycki

2024 NCT Civil Case Committee
​Kyle Thomason (Chair)
​Laura Bower Braunsberg
Buchanan J. Vines
​Jeremy Zarzycki

Coaches and Alumni Advisory Council
Jacinth Sohi (Co-Facilitator)
Mitch Pickerill (Co-Facilitator)

Communications and Alumni Engagement Committee
Adam Selcov (Chair)
Bennett Demsky
Natalie Garson
Devon Holstad
Henry Leaman
William Warihay (Website Manager)
Jeremy Zarzycki

Competition Integrity Committee
Toby Heytens (Chair)
​Amelia Yeomelakis (Deputy Chair)
Natalie Garson
Sue Johnson
Michael Gelfand
Maggy Randels Schuette
Elise Wilson
​Neal Schuett

Development Committee
Justin Bernstein (Chair)
William Warihay
​Adam Selcov
Jacinth Sohi
Maggy Randels Schuette

Disciplinary Committee

To enforce the AMTA Code of Conduct with regard to the Board of Directors, Candidates, and Representatives.

Jacinth Sohi (President-Elect, Chair)
Barry Langford (Appointment by President)
Kyle Thomason (Member At-Large)

Diversity & Inclusion Committee
​Brandon Harper (Co-Chair)
​Melissa Watt (​Co-Chair)
​Mahmud Bari
Liz Grant
​Riya Lakkaraju
DeLois Leapheart
Brad Ouambo
Jamar Walker
​Angela Minor
Mitch Pickerill

Human Resources Committee
Michael D'Ippolito (Secretary)
Brian Olson (President's selection)
Glen Halva-Neubauer (Member-at-large)

New School Recruitment and Mentorship Committee

Brian Olson (Chair)
Adam Detsky
Ben Garmoe
Michael Gelfand
​Max Handler
​Paul Hubbell
​Joseph Ludmir

2024 Rookie Rumble Tournament Committee


Rules and Intellectual Property Committee

Elizabeth Smiley (Chair)
Justin Bernstein
Michael Gelfand
​Ryne Cannon
​Robson Hauser
Sam Jahangir
​Brad Ouambo
Sue Johnson

IP Creative & Design Subcommittee
Elizabeth Smiley
Sam Jahangir
Jacinth Sohi

Student Advisory Board
Samantha Feak (Co-Chair)
Elise Wilson (Co-Chair)

Strategic Planning
Michael Walsh (Chair)
David Ben-Merre
Justin Bernstein
Glen Halva-Neubauer
Sue Johnson
Mitch Pickerill

AMTA Foundation Committee
​Adam Detsky (Chair)
​Matthew Eslick
​Samantha Feak
​William Warihay

AMTA Invention Rules Ad Hoc Committee
Justin Bernstein (Chair)
Toby Heytens
Nat Warner
Neal Schuett
Riya Lakkaraju
Natalie Garson
Eric Roytman
Kyle Thomason
Sue Johnson

AMTA Structural Planning Committee
Barry Langford (Chair)
Glen Halva-Neubauer
Dan Haughey
D​eLois Leapheart

Tabulation Advisory Committee
Diane Michalak (Chair)
Ryne Cannon
​Kate Hayner-Slattery
Robson Hauser
Graham Henry
​Neal Schuett
Michael Walsh

Tournament Administration Committee
​Andy Hogan (Chair)
Amelia Yeomelakis (Deputy Chair)

Team and Feeder Subcommittee
Adam Detsky (Chair)
​Ryne Cannon (Deputy Chair)
​Dennis Kerwin
​Ryan Nolte
​Brandi Snow
Diane Michalak

Site Selection and Host Communication Subcommittee
Josh Leckrone (Chair)
Emily Shaw
Michael Polovich
Devon Holstad
Brad Ouambo
Adam Selcov

AMTA Representative Assignment Subcommittee
Graham Henry (Chair)
William Warihay (Treasurer)
Elise Wilson
​Josh Leckrone
Diane Michalak

Judge Recruitment Subcommittee
Maggy Randels Schuette (Chair)
Michael Gelfand (Deputy Chair)
Paul Hubbell
Max Handler
Dylan McAuley
Ryan Seelau
Jacinth Sohi
Mike Romano

Counsel: David Cross, ​Morrison & Foerster, LLP
Insurance Coordinator: Adam Detsky
Ombudsperson: ​Toby Heytens
Trophy Coordinator: Adam Detksy
Website Manager: William Warihay
Program Coordinator: Tammy Doss