AMTA Representative Information

AMTA Representatives are volunteers who give their weekends every February, March, and April to travel to AMTA-sanctioned tournaments and ensure that all AMTA rules and procedures are followed throughout the tournament.  AMTA Representatives are reimbursed for all travel expenses to, from and throughout their service to AMTA.  AMTA could not operate without individuals willing to volunteer their time to help make all AMTA tournaments fair.  If you have questions about what is required of an AMTA Representative, the application process, or anything else generally related to being an AMTA Representative, please contact Graham Henry, Chair of the AMTA Representative Committee.

AMTA Representative applications are closed for the 2022 season.

AMTA welcomes applications from individuals who possess meaningful experience in performing the tournament duties described in the AMTA Representative Manual at AMTA-sanctioned or invitational tournaments. Additionally, in order to maintain and enrich the diversity of its Representatives, AMTA welcomes and encourages applications from individuals of all backgrounds.

If you have additional information to provide to the committee, please contact Graham Henry, Chair of the AMTA Representative Committee, with that information.  The committee will make decisions regarding AMTA Representatives in December of each year, and we will contact everyone that has completed an application with a decision.