Board of Directors Directory

Dr. Frank Guliuzza: President

Dr. Frank Guliuzza
Email: fguliuzza@phc.edu
Phone: 540-441-8042

Frank Guliuzza is the Dean of Academic Affairs at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia. He also serves as the College’s Pre-Law Advisor, coaches the College’s mock trial and moot court teams (the latter along with PHC Chancellor, Michael Farris), and is Professor of Government. Frank joined the AMTA Board of Directors in 2004, and he is currently serving his term as President from 2016 through 2018.

William B. Warihay, Esq.: President-Elect

William B. Warihay, Esq.
Email: w.warihay@gmail.com
Phone: 484-883-2457

William is a practicing attorney in Atlanta. William has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2013. William served as the Tournament Administration Committee Chair from 2012 until 2017, and he currently coaches Georgia Tech's mock trial team. William will serve as AMTA's President from 2018 through 2020.

Melissa Pavely, Esq.: Secretary

Melissa Pavely, Esq.
Email: AMTA.Secretary@collegemocktrial.org
Phone: 312-771-1282

Melissa is a former coach of the University of Chicago. Melissa competed with the University of Chicago from 2000 to 2004.

Matthew Eslick, Esq.: Treasurer

Matthew Eslick, Esq.
Email: mreslick@nyemaster.com
Phone: 515-283-3167

Matthew is an Attorney with Nyemaster Goode, P.C. in Des Moines, Iowa. Matthew currently serves as the Treasurer on AMTA's Executive Committee.

Thomas Allison, Esq.: (Candidate 2018)

Thomas Allison, Esq.
Email: thomas@allisonandjoneslaw.com

Thomas is a licensed attorney and counselor of law in five jurisdictions: California, Nevada, New York, Washington, and Washington D.C. He is a managing partner at Allison & Jones, LLP. where he focuses primarily on family and criminal law as a litigator and trial attorney. Thomas is the president and founder of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization named Social Justice Advocacy Project, Inc. (SJAP). Thomas is also an adjunct professor at the University of La Verne, where he teaches two advocacy classes that he created and coaches the mock trial and debate teams and a moot court team.

David Ben-Merre:

David Ben-Merre
Email: benmerdn@buffalostate.edu

David Ben-Merre is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Buffalo State – SUNY. David was a former competitor for the Johns Hopkins mock trial team, a coach at Buffalo State, and he became a Director in 2015.

Justin Bernstein, Esq.:

Justin Bernstein, Esq.
Email: justin.bernstein@drexel.edu

Justin is a law professor and associate trial program director at the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law in Philadelphia. Justin is a former competitor for UC Berkeley and former coach of New York University and UC Irvine. He served as AMTA President from 2014 to 2016.

Alex Bluebond, Esq.:

Alex Bluebond, Esq.
Email: bluebond@litohio.com
Phone: 614-324-5081

Alex became a member of the AMTA Board of Directors in 2016. Alex is an attorney at Zeiger, Tigges & Little, LLP in Columbus, Ohio. He currently coaches the mock trial team at The Ohio State University.

Laura Bower Braunsberg Esq.: (Candidate 2018)

Laura Bower Braunsberg Esq.
Email: Laurabowerbraunsberg@gmail.com

Laura is an attorney practicing in Wilmington Delaware and an Evidence instructor for the Delaware Bar Exam. Laura coaches the University of Delaware Mock Trial team which partners with Delaware Law School to host an opening round championship tournament. Laura formerly competed at Macalester College and coached at the University of Virginia.

Adam Detsky, Esq.:

Adam Detsky, Esq.
Email: ajdets@gmail.com

Adam is a civil defense attorney residing near Boulder, Colorado and practicing law in both Colorado and New York. Adam handles matters involving products liability, premises security, premises liability and labor law. He is a former AMTA competitor (Maryland) and former AMTA coach, serving as co-founder of two nationally ranked programs (Syracuse University and Iona College)

Michael J. Gelfand, Esq.:

Michael J. Gelfand, Esq.
Email: mjgelfand2004@yahoo.com

Michael currently coaches at Iona College, where he has been since the fall of 2008. Michael is an associate in the Commercial Litigation department of Westerman Ball Ederer Miller & Sharfstein on Long Island. Michael became a Director on the AMTA Board of Directors in 2015.

Dr. Glen Halva-Neubauer:

Dr. Glen Halva-Neubauer
Email: glen.halva-neubauer@furman.edu
Phone: 864-294-3608

Glen is Dana Professor of Political Science at Furman University, Greenville, SC, where he also serves as Director of Mock Trial and Public Service Internship Programs. He hosted the 2016 National Championship Tournament. Glen has been an AMTA Director since 1999, and he served as President from 2012-2014.

Brandon Harper, Esq.:

Brandon Harper, Esq.
Email: BrandonHarperD@gmail.com

Brandon serves as a law clerk to a Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. During the 2014-2016 terms, Brandon served as a law clerk to the Honorable Raymond A. Jackson of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Brandon became a full member of the AMTA Board of Directors in 2016.

Dan Haughey, Esq.:

Dan Haughey, Esq.
Email: haugheylaw@gmail.com

Dan serves as the Judge of Butler County Ohio Area III Court, a position he has held since 2008. Dan was a coach for the Miami University Mock Trial Program from 2001-2014, the same school where he competed from 1994 to 1997. Dan joined the AMTA Board of Directors in 2003, and currently serves as the Chair of the Civil Case Committee. Dan presently coaches the University of Dayton Mock Trial Program.

Toby Heytens, Esq.: Rules Committee Chair

Toby Heytens, Esq.
Email: tobyheytens@gmail.com

Toby is a professor at the University of Virginia School of law and a coach with the U.Va. program. Toby competed for Macalester College from 1993 to 1997 and became a member of the Board in 2010.

Devon Holstad, Esq.:

Devon Holstad, Esq.
Email: devon.holstad@gmail.com

Devon is a litigation attorney at Vinson & Elkins, LLP, in New York. He has been involved in AMTA since 2007 and became a full director on the Board in 2017.

Sue Johnson: (Candidate 2019)

Sue Johnson
Email: SueHeathJohnson@gmail.com
Phone: 919-360-0848

Sue serves as the State Coordinator for the Carolina Center for Civic Education, a nonprofit that organizes the statewide high school mock trial program in North Carolina. She has authored or co-authored all NC mock trial cases since 2012, as well as the 2015 NHSMTC case and the 2016 Empire Mock Trial case. Sue volunteered with Empire Mock Trial from 2011 – 2016 and began serving as an AMTA Representative in 2012.

Prof. Barry Langford:

Prof. Barry Langford
Email: brlangford@ccis.edu
Phone: 573-875-7484

Barry is currently the coach of the Columbia College program. Barry became a member on the AMTA Board of Directors in 2005. Barry is currently the Chair of the Criminal Justice Administration Department at Columbia College.

DeLois Leapheart:

DeLois Leapheart
Email: leapheart@northwood.edu

DeLois became a member of the AMTA Board of Directors in 2014. DeLois is a coach with the Northwood University program. DeLois coached the Northwood University team to their national championship in 2009.

Joshua Leckrone, Esq.:

Joshua Leckrone, Esq.
Email: joshuajleckrone@gmail.com

Joshua is currently an attorney with Golden & Walters, PLLC. Joshua joined the AMTA Board of Directors in 2010. Joshua competed in AMTA from 1998 to 2002 for the University of Cincinnati.

Diane Michalak, Esq.: (Candidate 2018)

Diane Michalak, Esq.
Email: diane@wheatonmocktrial.org

Diane has been an Assistant State’s Attorney for DuPage County in Illinois since 2003 and an adjunct professor at Wheaton College since 2015. Diane competed for the University of Iowa for two seasons and has coached the Wheaton College Mock Trial team since 2011.

Angela Minor, Esq.:

Angela Minor, Esq.
Email: angela.minor@howard.edu
Phone: 202-806-6711

Angela became a Director on the AMTA Board in 2015. Angela is a practicing attorney in Washington, D.C., and she coaches the Howard University mock trial team.

Jacelyn Olson, Esq.:

Jacelyn Olson, Esq.
Email: jacelynolson@gmail.com
Phone: 763-242-2184

Jacelyn is currently a coach with the Hamline University program. Jacelyn is the Director of Mock Trial programs with Hamline University and a self-employed attorney. Jacelyn competed for Hamline University from 1998 to 2001. Jacelyn became a member of the Board in 2011.

Thomas Parker, Esq.:

Thomas Parker, Esq.
Email: thomas.parker@eku.edu

Tom became a member of the AMTA Board of Directors in 2014. Tom coaches at Eastern Kentucky University and serves as the Coordinator of Academic Initiatives in the Office of Regional Stewardship.

Dr. Don Racheter:

Dr. Don Racheter

Don is a founding member of the AMTA Board of Directors, joining in 1984. Don is currently the President of the Public Interest Institute.

Melissa Schuett, Esq.:

Melissa Schuett, Esq.

Melissa is a member of the AMTA Board of Directors. Melissa is a staff attorney at the First District Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Neal Schuett, Esq.:

Neal Schuett, Esq.

Neal is currently an Assistant Professor at Miami University, Associate Attorney at Haughey & Deters, LLC, and an Assistant Public Defender with Butler County. Neal competed for the University of Iowa from 1999 to 2003.

Jacinth Sohi: (Candidate 2019)

Jacinth Sohi

Kyle Thomason, Esq.:

Kyle Thomason, Esq.

Kyle competed at Georgia Tech from 2004 to 2007. Kyle went on to coach at Duke University, helping coach the 2012 national champion Duke team. Kyle is a practicing attorney in Washington D.C.

Michael Walsh, Esq.: Tournament Administration Committee Chair

Michael Walsh, Esq.
Email: AMTA.Tournaments@collegemocktrial.org
Phone: 847-254-0273

Mike is the Director of Compliance at Snap-on Credit in Libertyville, Illinois. Mike is the coach of the mock trial program at Loyola University-Chicago, where he is also an adjunct professor in the Political Science Department. Mike joined the AMTA Board of Directors in 2012.

Kyle West, Esq.: (Candidate 2018)

Kyle West, Esq.
Email: westkyle2@gmail.com

Kyle is a trial attorney with the United States Department of Justice, Civil Division. He is a former AMTA competitor at the University of Cincinnati and currently coaches at George Washington University. Kyle is a candidate, who is scheduled to become a member of the Board in 2018.

Johnathan G. Woodward, Esq.: Tabulation Director

Johnathan G. Woodward, Esq.
Email: AMTA.Tab@collegemocktrial.org
Phone: 262-377-0600

Johnathan is an Attorney with Houseman & Feind LLP in Grafton, Wisconsin. Johnathan joined the AMTA Board of Directors in 2007.

Directors Emeriti

Professor Robert J. Boland Jr. (1954-2005) | Manchester Community College
Anita A. Calkins
Richard Calkins | Founder, American Mock Trial Association
Judge Peter M. Handwork | University of Toledo 
Daniel J. Herron | Miami University 
Dr. Peter R. Leigh | Eastern Illinois University 
John McKiernan 
Mary Lynn Neuhaus | Loras College
Marcus Pohlmann | Rhodes College
Dan Stamatelos, Esq. (1934 - 2001) 
Thomas Van Dervort, Esq. | Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. John Vile | Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Ruth Wagoner | Bellarmine University 
James Walker | Wright State University 
Clyde E. Willis, Esq. | Middle Tennessee State University