Opening Round Championship Series Tournament Information

The Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS) is the second round of the American Mock Trial Association's annual national tournament structure.  ORCS tournaments host the top teams from each of AMTA's Regional tournaments in February.  192 teams will advance and compete in the ORCS round of competition.  The top six teams from each ORCS tournament will advance to AMTA's National Championship Tournament in April.

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If you have any questions or would like any further information about the ORCS round of competition, please e-mail Andy Hogan, chairperson of the Tournament Administration Committee.

Open Bid List Explanation:

An Open Bid list is maintained for the ORCS round of competition pursuant to Rule 12.8 in the AMTA Rulebook.  The Open Bid List will be available following the first weekend of regional competition.  Any questions or errors with the Open Bid List should be directed to Diane Michalak, AMTA Tabulation Director.




ORCS Bid Confirmation Form

If you have earned a bid to an Opening Round Championship Series Tournament, please accept your bid in the School Manager.  Each bid must be confirmed no later than Noon CST on the Tuesday after the bid is earned. Please contact Diane Michalak, AMTA Tabulation Director, with any questions regarding the bid confirmation process. Collected information is stored on a secured (HTTPS) server.

ORCS Team Roster Form

If you have earned a bid to an Opening Round Championship Series Tournament, please update your roster(s) for your team(s) in the AMTA School Manager.  Pursuant to Rule 3.13(b), each team must submit their roster 10 days before the start of the ORCS tournament in which it is participating.  Schools with multiple teams must fill out and submit a separate form for each team.  Please contact AMTA with any questions regarding the team roster submission process.  Collected information is stored on a secured (HTTPS) server.