2024 Tournament Locations

AMTA hosts its annual series of tournaments across the country from February through April  to determine its national champion.  The locations for our upcoming 2024 tournaments are below.  Specific team assignments to these tournaments will be released by AMTA before Thanksgiving 2023.  Teams should not assume any particular assignment based on geography and should not make any travel plans until being notified of their Regional tournament assignment by AMTA.  If you have any questions about the AMTA tournament structure, please contact the AMTA Tournament Administration Committee.


National Championship:
  • Chicago, IL - Hosted by Loyola University & the University of Chicago | April 19-21, 2024

Opening Round Championship Series:

  • Weekend One - March 8-10, 2024
    • Memphis, TN - Hosted by Rhodes College
    • Geneva, IL - Hosted by North Central College and Northern Illinois University
    • St. Paul, MN - Hosted by Macalester College
    • New Rochelle, NY - Hosted by Iona College
    • Santa Monica, CA - Hosted by University of California, Los Angeles
    • Washington, D.C. - Hosted by the George Washington University
  • Weekend Two - March 15-17, 2024
    • Cincinnati, OH - Hosted by the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University
    • Greenville, SC - Hosted by Furman University

Regional Tournaments:

  • Weekend One - February 2-4, 2024
    • Chestnut Hill, MA - Hosted by Boston College
    • Chapel Hill, NC - Hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill​
    • Claremont, CA - Hosted by ​Claremont McKenna College
    • Colorado Springs, CO | Hosted by Colorado College and U.S. Air Force​
    • Dayton, OH - Hosted by the University of Dayton​
    • Notre Dame, IN - Hosted by the University of Notre Dame
    • State College, PA - Hosted by the Pennsylvania State University
  • Weekend Two - February 10-11, 2024
    • San Diego, CA - Hosted by the University of California, San Diego
  • Weekend Three - February 16-18, 2024
    • Buffalo, NY - Hosted by Buffalo State College
    • Des Moines, IA - Hosted by Drake University
    • Jackson, MS - Hosted by Mississippi College School of Law 
    • Madison, WI - Hosted by the University of Wisconsin 
    • Princeton, NY - Hosted by Princeton University
    • Providence, RI - Hosted by Brown University
    • Seattle, WA - Hosted by the University of Washington 
    • St. Louis, MO - Hosted by the Washington University in St. Louis​
    • Tallahassee, FL - Hosted by the Florida State University​
    • Tempe, AZ - Hosted by Arizona State University
    • Washington, D.C. - Hosted by American University
    • Williamsburg, VA - Hosted by the College of William & Mary​
  • Weekend Four - February 23-25, 2024
    • Arlington, TX - Hosted by the University of Texas at Arlington
    • Columbia, SC - Hosted by the University of South Carolina​​
    • Columbus, OH - Hosted by The Ohio State University 
    • Fresno, CA - Hosted by Fresno State University
    • Haverford, PA - Hosted by Haverford College 
    • New ​London, CT - Hosted by Connecticut College
    • Norman, OK - Hosted by the University of Oklahoma College of Law​
    • Spartanburg, SC - Hosted by Wofford ​College
    • Waco, TX - Hosted by Baylor University
    • Wheaton, IL - Hosted by Wheaton College

NOTE:  All tournament locations and dates are subject to change.  No school should make any travel plans to any tournament prior to notification from AMTA that the school has been assigned to a specific tournament location.  Schools should not assume that they will be assigned to any particular tournament location.