AMTA Community College Clash

AMTA is excited to announce the Inaugural Community College Clash, which is an online mock trial tournament focused on outreach to community, vocational, and technical schools. We cordially invite you to join this initiative, as we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of college mock trial.

We encourage current AMTA alumni to participate as judges, sharing their expertise and insight to enrich the learning experience for all involved. Together we hope to empower a wider range of students to develop crucial skills and knowledge while fostering a passion for legal discourse and teamwork.

The rounds will be held online and teams will consist of 4-5 members with 2 witnesses testifying for each side. Any two-year/community/vocational/technical college will be welcome to participate.

The Competition

  • Teams will consist of a maximum of five competing members, with the option of having an additional member as a Trial Technician. Two attorneys and two witnesses will compete per side. Teams that opt to include a Trial Technician can use that member only for the purposes outlined below in the eligibility rules, and not to fill speaking roles.
  • Time restrictions will be allotted per attorney rather than by speeches, directs, and crosses.
  • There will be one competition held on October 14-15, 2023 (two rounds on Saturday, two rounds on Sunday) and a second competition held on December 9-10, 2023 (two rounds on Saturday, two rounds on Sunday).

The Fee

  • Nothing!
  • Free!
  • AMTA will not be charging any registration fee to any participant for this competition.

The Case

  • We're going to use a prior case problem from AMTA: an updated version of the 2020 One Last Time case!
  • This is a civil case concerning a deadly poisoning. Teams will prepare both the plaintiff and defense sides of the case.

The Rules

  • The Rulebook for the Community College Clash are available here.
  • General competitor eligibility is below, along with trial technician roles.

The Teams

  • Competitor Eligibility:
    • A competitor is eligible to compete at the Community College Clash if and only if the competitor is currently a member of a community/vocational/technical/two-year school.
  • Trial Techs Eligibility and Role:
    • Anyone who is currently a member of a community/vocational/technical/two-year school may serve as a Trial Tech.
    • Each team may have one non-competing member who will act as their trial technician to fill their 6th spot.
    • The trial technician would be responsible for document sharing and any other technological presentation during trial. The technician would also be allowed to communicate with the team during trials and breaks, but they are not a competing (speaking) team member, unless a competing member becomes sick/unavailable.

The Registration

  • General Registration is available here!
  • After teams submit entry forms, we'll send those teams the case!

The Location

  • All trials will take place online using Zoom.

This page will be updated with more information as we get closer to the opening of registration. In the meantime, please email us with any questions.