Westenmeier v. Walton - Case Updates Released

Westenmeier v. Walton - Case Updates Released

Mar. 30, 2021 - The AMTA National Championship Tournament Case Committee has released a revised version of the NCT Case. No further changes are expected.

The majority of these changes address typographical errors or provide additional information in response to the thoughtful comments we received from the AMTA community after case release.

The case also now includes one additional legal document (a ruling on Motions in Limine). In addition, the original Exhibit 11c was removed (as it largely duplicated Exhibit 11a). The prior Exhibit 11d has been re-branded as Exhibit 11c.

The updated case materials are now live on the AMTA case portal, which now includes links to individual PDF documents for each portion of the case. Please email the committee with any further questions or issues. Good luck at the National Championship Tournament!

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