State v. De la Porta and Cameron - Bahmani Report Edit

State v. De la Porta and Cameron - Bahmani Report Edit

Jan. 26, 2024 - A typographical error was recently found that needs to be changed before regional competitions begin. The change is on line 284 of Detective Bahmani's report. The year was wrong within that line (the previous version said, "October 7, 2023" instead of "October 7, 2022"). While we do not normally issue changes this close to regional competitions, the typographical error could create unintended credibility issues for Det. Bahamani; therefore, the change is necessary.

However, the Criminal Case Committee understands that many teams have already printed, and potentially bound, their case materials for regional competitions that start next week. Accordingly, the one of following actions may be taken:

  • Teams can use the updated version ("Revised 1/26/24") of Bahmani's report during AMTA's regional competitions, OR
  • Teams are allowed to cross out "2023" in line 284 of Detective Bahmani's report and handwrite "2022" (the revision date does not need to be changed).

No further handwritten changes to the case materials are permitted. This very narrow exception for a handwritten edit is allowed only for the AMTA 2024 regional competitions; the case materials used for 2024 ORCS competitions will require a printed copy of the most updated version of the case.

Teams are to treat a handwritten edit as described above in option 2 the same as if the case materials were printed with the "1/26/24" revision date as described above in option 1. Teams are not permitted to ask questions of Det. Bahmani or any other witness as if Det. Bahmani's report line 284 ever stated anything different than "October 7, 2022." (e.g. Ebi cannot say or infer that line 284 ever stated "October 7, 2023" and was changed to accurately reflect the correct date of October 7, 2022.) The typographical error was the Criminal Case Committee's error and shall not be imputed to Detective Bahmani.

AMTA representatives will be told to remind teams during the regional competitions' opening ceremony of this change and the two options available (as described herein). AMTA representatives will also be told that any further edits, handwritten or otherwise, to the case materials are strictly prohibited.

If you have any questions please email the Criminal Case Committee.

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