Changes Released to State v. ABC

Changes Released to State v. ABC

Sept. 13, 2015 - The Criminal Case Committee has released a set of changes to State v. Bancroft and Covington, including a change log. No further changes are currently planned until the conclusion of the fall invitational season. Please report any typos or other errors to the AMTA Criminal Case Committee. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback on the initial release!

Additionally, the AMTA Criminal Case Committee wants to ensure that each of the various choices teams have is being used with at least modest frequency. To that end, we hope that you will help us collect some basic data for your tournament in accordance with AMTA’s new Intellectual Property policy. The requested information is neither team- nor round-specific, so no team will have its strategy compromised. The information also will be published at the end of the fall invitational season, so all teams can benefit equally from the information. Invitational hosts, pursuant to their duties under AMTA's intellectual property policy, should complete the form and submit it to AMTA Criminal Case Committee at the conclusion of their tournament.

Thank you for helping to ensure the success and balance of (first) AMTA’s 2015-16 case!

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