National Championship Tournament Open Bid List

Pursuant to AMTA Rule 12.2, Open Bids are regular bids that have been declined or unreserved, and extra bids not allocated to a tournament as a regular bid.  When available, open bids are awarded pursuant to Rule 12.8.

Rule 12.8 lists the following series of tiebreakers that shall control the open bid rankings to the national championship:

  • Ballots won at the Opening Round Championship Series tournament;
  • Whether the school already has a team in the National Championship, with those schools without a team in the National Championship taking precedence;
  • Combined strength at the Opening Round Championship Series tournament;
  • The number of teams in the team’s Opening Round Championship Series tournament, with the larger number taking precedence;
  • Team Power Ranking, with the better ranking taking precedence.

Open bids will become available only if regular bids are declined or unreserved, per Rule 12.2, or if Act of AMTA bids result in ​an uneven number of teams earning bids to the National Championship, in which case open bids are awarded to create an even number of teams.

Open bids are not deemed awarded until confirmation is given by the AMTA Tabulation Director. If you have any questions regarding open bids, please contact Diane Michalak, AMTA Tabulation Director.

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