National Championship Tournament Division​s

After all teams qualify for the National Championship Tournament, AMTA will draw the qualifying teams into two divisions.  These divisions will compete at the National Championship Tournament, with the winners of each division facing off in the National Championship Final Round.  The divisions for the National Championship Tournament are drawn by the National Tabulation Director.  

Under AMTA Rule 14.9(2), divisions for the National Championship Tournament may not be drawn prior to the Tuesday following the completion of the last ORCS tournament.

Divisions will be drawn using the following criteria, under AMTA Rule 14.9:

(1) If two teams from a single school compete, they shall not be assigned to the same division.

(2) Prior to the division draw, the teams will be divided into groups of four teams each.  The first group will comprise the teams with the best, second best, third best, and fourth best ​Team Power Rankings (TPR) among all qualifying teams.  The second group will comprise the teams with the fifth best through eighth best ​TPR, and so on.  Two teams from each group will be placed into one division, and the other two teams will be placed into the other division.

Questions regarding the National Championship Tournament division draw or procedures should be directed to Diane Michalak, AMTA Tabulation Director.

Previous National Championship Tournament Division Draws

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