AMTA Public Statement - Invention of Fact at NCT

AMTA Public Statement - Invention of Fact at NCT

Jun. 3, 2019 - AMTA President, Will Warihay, and Competition Response Committee Chair, Brandon Harper, have released a public statement regarding the results of an investigation into allegations of egregious inventions of material fact during the 2019 National Final Round.  Specifically, after completion of the investigative process, which included giving the accused team multiple opportunities to respond to the allegations, AMTA has issued sanctions based on the conclusions reached during the investigation. A copy of the public statement can be found here.

Given the sanctions and rule violations during the 2019 National Final Round, AMTA does not intend to release the video for sale of the National Final Round.  AMTA is currently working on alternatives to release other video(s) from the 2019 season (i.e. ORCS and/or NCT round(s)) for educational and training purposes for the AMTA community.

As a result of this and other investigations that have occurred during the 2018 and 2019 seasons regarding egregious invention of fact issues, AMTA intends to release a comprehensive guidance document for all teams in advance of the 2020 AMTA season that combines all of AMTA's prior decisions regarding invention of fact issues for ease of reference for all teams.  If anyone has any questions or concerns, you may contact AMTA President, Will Warihay.

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