Mediation Announcement

Mediation Announcement Students and schools are encouraged to consider participating in a mediation competition this June. Mediation is a process of resolving disputes that is becoming increasingly frequent in the United States. Former Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Warren E. Burger, stated to the legal profession: "We have served, and we must continue to see our role as problem-solvers, harmonizers, and peacemakers, the healers – not the promoters – of conflict.”

The Drake Law School, in conjunction with the International Academy of Dispute Resolution, initiated a competition to introduce college students to peacemaking, a critical life skill. They invite you to attend a three-day seminar that will introduce you to mediation and how you can bring it into your classroom. The purpose of the seminar is threefold: first, provide information so that you can teach a class in mediation; second, help you to introduce mediation to your students to balance what they're learning in mock trial; and, third, help prepare students so they can participate in the many mediation competitions held throughout the world.

The seminar will be held in June 2015 at Drake Law School, Des Moines, Iowa. Written material will be provided for classroom use and setting up a course of your own. The cost is $200. Please call 515-283-0331 or visit www.inadr.org for more information.

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