Chance for eternal fame!

Chance for eternal fame!

Mar. 4, 2015 - Because of the new nationals case, there will be no final round video for Park v. Duran. So we’re having a contest.  Record your best ORCS 2015 round, save it on a flash-drive, and mail it to an address that will be provided at a future date. AMTA will review the submissions and award cash prizes of up to $500. Don’t neglect the video quality and cinematography -- your video might end up for sale on the AMTA Store!

A couple of other quick notes. Recordings should contain only members of the competing teams themselves, who will have consented to the filming and authorized its use by AMTA according to the terms of participation for all AMTA events, including ORCS. See AMTA Rules 4.27 & 4.28. Submissions that contain other individuals may be disqualified solely for that reason. Submission of a video will authorize AMTA to use that video for any purpose, and the proceeds of any sales will belong solely to AMTA.

If you have any questions about this contest, please contact the AMTA Development Committee.

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