Apply to Host an AMTA Tournament

Apply to Host an AMTA Tournament

Mar. 4, 2015 - As the 2015 season continues, AMTA is soliciting applications and proposals to host Regional and ORCS tournaments in 2016, as well as applications to host the National Championship Tournament in 2017. All applications to host a Regional or Opening Round Championship Series Tournament in 2016 are due by June 1, 2015. All applications to host the National Championship Tournament in 2017 are due by May 1, 2015.  We realize that 2017 is a long time from now. We are asking for proposals so far in advance to give the host whom we select sufficient time to make the tournament a very special event -- one that is "the Super Bowl" of intercollegiate mock trial.

As some may know, AMTA has worked hard over the past couple years to improve our funding and support for all of our tournaments, which included revising the stipend payment structure in 2014.  All AMTA hosts will receive their stipend up-front before the tournament, as opposed the the amount being based on tournament evaluations afterwards.  In addition, all AMTA host schools will have their $450.00 School Registration fee waived for 2016.  If you have questions about what is required of our hosts or the money involved with hosting, please let us know, as we would be glad to discuss this with you further.

In addition, AMTA hosting is not limited to AMTA member institutions or teams.  If you are a law school or other organization that is interested in hosting an AMTA event in your city, please let us know.

Information for tournament applications and proposals can be found on the Prospective Tournament Host page. Questions regarding the proposal and application process should be directed towards the AMTA Tournament Administration Committee.

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