AMTA T-Shirt Design Contest

AMTA T-Shirt Design Contest

This year, for the first time ever, AMTA is holding a t-shirt design contest!


We are calling on all interested members of the AMTA community to put your drawing and/or graphic design skills to the test and submit a design by the December 1st deadline. Submissions should include both a front and a back design. Following the deadline, designs will be voted on by the AMTA community. The winning design will become the inaugural t-shirt and the winner will receive 10 free shirts for their team!

The requirements are as follows:

  • Create a t-shirt design that is inspired by the AMTA and/or this year’s case, Midlands v. Bancroft or Covington.
  • The design may have up to three (3) colors.
  • Submit the design as a high-resolution .jpeg or .png file by the December 1st deadline here.

Questions or comments about the contest? Inquire by email here.. Good luck!

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