AMTA Student Advisory Council Created

AMTA Student Advisory Council Created

Nov. 15, 2014 - AMTA is announcing the creation of the first Student Advisory Council.  The AMTA Student Advisory Council was created to advise the Board of Directors on proposed rule changes and other important issues, so it is crucial that it is able to represent the whole body of current competitors. It will be relying on all students to share their views with the SAC so that its efforts can best benefit all current competitors. The SAC is encouraging all competitors to communicate their views via email. Please don’t hesitate to email the SAC members with any questions, comments, or suggestions at amta.sac@collegemocktrial.org.

AMTA welcomes these twelve inaugural Council members and thanks them for their assistance:

Sarah Bertschy, Cornell College
Andrew Cavarno, UC Santa Barbara
David DeSchepper, Lewis University
Zach Fields, Harvard University
Merric Kaufman, Brandeis University
Michelle Kfoury, Gonzaga University
Shaun Kleber, University of Georgia
Kristen Pulkstenis, American University
Christopher Restemayer, University of North Dakota
Emily Serleth, UMass Amherst
Brittany Webb, Hendrix College
Daniel Whiteley, University of New Mexico

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