2023 National Champions - UCLA

2023 National Champions - UCLA

Apr. 16, 2023 - University of California, Los Angeles is AMTA's 37th National Champion, prevailing over Harvard University in the National Final Round held in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 16, 2023. Congratulations to UCLA and Harvard on their outstanding performances in the final round!  If you missed the National Final Round, the video is now available for purchase or rent from the AMTA Store!

AMTA thanks all of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to help us host 32 successful Regionals, eight ORCS tournaments, and our National Championship Tournament. We especially want to thank all of the volunteer judges and our distinguished panel of National Final Round judges for volunteering their time this weekend and throughout the AMTA season. For more information on the 38th National Championship Tournament's results, please click here, which includes a published tabulation summary for the National Final Round. For more information on the history of AMTA's National Championship Final Round, please click here.

At the Opening Ceremony for the National Championship Tournament, AMTA honored several individuals with annual awards. Professor Anna Eldridge, ​Director of Mock Trial at Rhodes College, was honored with the Neal Smith Award in recognition of her contributions to AMTA's educational mission in a broader sense. AMTA also acknowledged the contributions of former AMTA President, Marcus Pohlmann and Burch, Porter & Johnson, LLC, our two division honorees.  You can watch the entire Opening Ceremony here.

At our Awards Ceremony, Douglas Halijan, Member, Burch, Porter & Johnson, PLLC congratulated the 48 National Championship teams and offered his words of wisdom and advice to the community. We also presented the Spirit of AMTA Awards to University of California, Irvine and Northwestern University in recognition of their commitment to AMTA's ideals of civility, justice, and fair play. The full Awards Ceremony is available here.

Thank you to everyone who competed in AMTA in 2023. This was yet another unprecedented season and we are so glad that we were able to walk down the #RoadToMemphis with you. We look forward to ​seeing you all in 2024 on the #RoadtoChicago toward AMTA's 39th National Championship Tournament. Best wishes for the remainder of the spring semester and we look forward to being in touch this summer and to seeing you all in the fall!

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