AMTA Innovation Program

The goal of the AMTA Innovation Program is to foster improvements to our tournaments through offering incentives to invitational hosts to test new rules, tabulation approaches, administrative processes, or other possible improvements. All program applications are reviewed by the current Rules Committee Chair, Tabulation Director, Treasurer, and Tournament Administration Chair. If you have any questions about the program, please direct them to Rules Committee Chair Elizabeth Smiley and Tournament Administration Committee Chair Andy Hogan.

Linked below is an application form for invitational hosts to use to submit their bids to be a part of the program. The form can be used to submit ideas to be tested at an invitational (non-AMTA sanctioned tournament) that your program is hosting. There is no deadline for submitting applications, but the reviewing committee will consider the feasibility of implementing an idea, which includes the time needed (i.e. it’s better to submit your application as soon as possible).

While we always welcome any ideas you have, we are specifically interested in the following ideas to be tested:

  • A pairing system that follows a similar approach to our current ORCS system (teams organized into groups based on TPR) that would work with a tournament that has more than 24 teams.
  • A tournament that uses three ballots per round where 2 ballots are non-coach judges and 1 ballot is a coach.
  • A tournament that utilizes a system to hear and rule on rules violations during the course of the tournament.