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After the conclusion of each season, AMTA allows anyone to maintain or purchase access to previously used case materials for a variety of purposes under Rule 2.12.  For information on receiving access to past AMTA case materials, please return to the Case Materials Information page for instructions.

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2001 Gilbertson v The Everest Experience

  • P.J. Gilbertson, attorney for a Midlands lawfirm, died on May 10, 2000 during an attempt to summit Mt.Everest. The Everest Experience, ownedby Roger Holman, provided the guiding services to Gilbertson and friend,Barlett Baker; accordingly, a contract was entered into between Gilbertson and Holman.
  • Prior to the final date of climbing, P.J. fell ill with symptoms similar to acutemountain sickness (AMS) and died. As aresult, Gilbertson’s surviving spouse is bringing about a wrongful death actionagainst Holman’s company, The Everest Experience.
2002 State of Midlands v Ashley Thornhill
  • On the evening of March 15th, 2001, Wendell Tucker, partner at Tucker, Roberts, and Payne, was found dead in his office at the advertising firm - the victim of a gunshot wound to the head. An investigation lead to a grand jury indictment of Ashley Thornhill for murder and the lesser included offenses of manslaughter and negligent homicide. Thornhill, an associate at Tucker, Roberts, and Payne, denies any involvement in the killing.
2003 Lee and Andi Smith v Thompson
  • On February 8, 2002, Derric Smith, a seven-year-old boy, died as a result of allegedly being struck by a vehicle in front of his home in State Center, Midlands. J.J. Thompson, the defendant, is being sued by the parents of Derric Smith for allegedly hitting their son, thereby causing his wrongful and untimely death.
2004 State of Midlands v Michael Harmon
  • Tony Sturmanis was a rising star in the world of professional hockey. Tragically, he was killed during a playoff game in Midlands City following a fight with Michael Harmon.
  • Harmon was later indicted on three counts of homicide. His wife, Victoria, had recently been romantically linked to Sturmanis. Also, Harmon lost a lucrative contract to Sturmanis just hours before the confrontation during the game.
2005 Kissner v Polk Hospital
  • Tony Kissner was a young, up-and-coming amateur golfer and had been considering turning professional for quite some time. Kissner filed suit against Polk Hospital, alleging that they were negligent in allowing Martin Dutcher to be released from 24-hour supervised care without first ensuring that he longer posed a threat. Kissner alleges that because of the negligence of Polk Hospital, he was injured and as such is entitled to damages. This case has not been bifurcated and, as such, negligence and damages are to be considered in the same proceeding.
2006 State of Midlands v Tyler Perry
  • On Friday, October 22, 2004, after returning home from a night out with the soccer team, Bailey Reynolds was kidnapped from the Reynolds home. That evening Bailey’s parents, Ryan and Madison Reynolds, were having dinner at the residence of Tyler and K.C. Perry. The couples both live in Evanston, Midlands. They had left their three children, Kayla, Spencer, and Bailey, with the babysitter, Peyton Bralow. After checking on Bailey around 11:00 p.m., Peyton placed a 911 call to report a possible kidnapping. The police arrived shortly after the call was placed and found Peyton, Kayla, and Spencer in the home. Upon investigation, a ransom note was found in Bailey’s room asking for $250,000 for the return of the child. Three days later on Monday, October 25, Bailey was found in a Hampton Hotel in the neighboring town of Freeport. The child was blindfolded and handcuffed to a pipe in the bathroom. Bailey was not physically injured and was returned to the Reynolds. After the police investigation, Tyler Perry was arrested for the kidnapping
2007 Jeffries v Polk County Police Department
  • On January 2nd, 2005, off-duty police officer Jamie Conmey heard a radio transmission come over dispatch saying that two suspects had just robbed Joe’s Corner Store. The description said that the perpetrators were wearing white T-shirts and blue jeans, appeared to be teenagers, and had taken the cash in a brown paper bag. Officer Conmey put on the siren and started searching the neighborhood surrounding the store. Officer Conmey saw a teenager dressed in a white shirt and jeans climbing a fence in an alleyway. Officer Conmey pulled over and told the teenager to come down. The teenager stopped climbing the fence but did not come down. Seconds later, Officer Conmey shot the teenager in the side. Officer Conmey claims to have seen a gun, though no weapon was found at the scene. The teenager was rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible, where the teenager almost immediately fell into a coma – a state in which the teenager remains today.
  • The teenager was Max Jeffries. Max’s parents, Sean and Leigh Jeffries, filed suit against the Polk County Police Department, alleging that the actions of Officer Conmey, who committed suicide shortly after the incident, and thus the Polk County Police Department, deprived Max Jeffries of Jeffries’ constitutional rights to due process of law. In addition, the Jeffries allege that through its policy, custom, and practice, the Polk County Police Department deprived Max Jeffries of Jeffries’ rights to due process of law. The Jeffries allege that as a result of the actions of Officer Conmey and the Polk County Police Department, their child experienced life-threatening injuries, and as such they are entitled to damages. This case has been bifurcated and as such, damages are not to be considered in this same proceeding.
2008 State of Midlands v Bobbi Campbell
  • On November 30, 2006, Child Protective Services worker Don/Dawn Francis arrived at the home of Bobbi Campbell to remove a child from Bobbi’s care. Upon arrival, Francis entered the location and defendant Campbell stabbed Francis with a needle infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Campbell subsequently entered into an open Alford guilty plea on the single charge of Assault in the Second Degree and retained the right to a jury sentence recommendation. A penalty phase will now be conducted. The State will present evidence of aggravation and the defense may present evidence of mitigation. The penalty range is five to thirty years.
2009 Drew Walton v Blitz News Network
  • On September 24, 2006, Midlands gubernatorial candidate Drew Walton participated in a gun control debate against Professor Lane Hamilton at the Midlands Civic Center. After the debate, the two became embroiled in an argument in the Civic Center parking lot. Shots were fired and Lane Hamilton was found dead in the parking lot, the victim of an apparent gunshot wound to the head. Within an hour, Blitz News Network (“BNN”) reporter Reagan Thomas— present to cover the debate—gave a live broadcast that implicated Walton in Hamilton’s death. Walton maintains that Hamilton committed suicide. 
  • Walton has now brought a claim for defamation, arguing that BNN’s statements during the September 24, 2006 broadcast falsely accused Walton of shooting Hamilton. BNN denies the allegations, asserting that its statements were truthful and its broadcast was proper.
2010 State of Midlands v Jackie Owens
  • On or about June 16, 2008, in Breckinridge County, State of Midlands, Jackie Owens and Casey Maxwell acting alone, together, or in complicity with others did purposefully, knowingly, or extremely recklessly kill Jacob Bennett, a human being, by shooting him in violation of M.P.C. 210.2.
2011 Davis v Happy Land Toy Company
  • A young child swallowed several dozen beads from his older sister’s make-your-own jewelry set. His babysitter found him lying on the carpet minutes later and hurried him to the hospital. The boy died shortly after. Tests revealed that the beads he swallowed contained 1,4-butanediol, a precursor for a controlled substance called gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (“GHB”). The boy’s parent has brought a civil lawsuit for negligence and strict liability against the toy company that designed and manufactured the jewelry set that allegedly caused the boy’s death.
2012 State of Midlands v Danny Dawson
  • On September 24, 2010, Vanessa Sullivan, daughter of Midlands’ most prominent prosecutor, celebrated her 21st birthday with two friends, Taylor Hopson and Danny Dawson, at Chuggie’s Sports Bar. After several hours of celebration at the bar, the three left in a car driven by Dawson. On the way home, Dawson lost control of the car, resulting in a crash in which Sullivan was killed.
  • A special prosecutor was appointed because of the conflict of interest in having the victim’s parent’s office prosecute the case. A grand jury has returned a multi-count indictment charging the defendant, Danny Dawson, with murder and driving under the influence.
2013 Lee and Andy Allen v. Neptune Underwater
  • Lee Allen and Andy Allen signed up with Neptune Underwater Expeditions to explore a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean. On July 7, 2011, Lee died during the dive. Andy, acting on behalf of spouse Lee, is suing the Neptune for Lee’s wrongful death.

2014 State of Midlands v. Whit Bowman

  • On August 30, 2012, a robbery occurred at RacheterWorld (pronounced ROCK-ter) in Midlands. Following the robbery, a chase ensued, and former police officer and current RacheterWorld security guard Winston Thomas was struck by the front car of the "Tunnel of Terror" ride. Thomas suffered serious injuries and died later that night at Breckinridge County Memorial Hospital. The robber whom Thomas was chasing through the park escaped and remains at large, his whereabouts unknown. Police, however, have arrested Whit Bowman, a park employee whom they believe took part in the commission of the crime. Bowman faces multiple charges related to the August 30 incident and related alleged criminal activities.

2015 Andy and Lee Park v. Hayden Duran

  • In 2010, Sydney Park invited classmate Jesse Duran to hang out at the Parks’ home. Both children were 11 years old. The Parks keep a gun in their home. That morning, the gun was discharged, killing one of the children. The victim's parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the shooter's parent.

2015 Elizabeth Ginger v. Max Heisman (NCT Case)

  • On March 17, 2015, the city of Truman, Midlands held its mayoral election. That night, the media reported that incumbent Max Heisman defeated challenger Elizabeth Ginger, and the city tabulation director certified the result the next day. On March 20, Ginger filed a civil lawsuit against Heisman that alleges election fraud and seeks to overturn the election. An expedited trial is scheduled to begin April 17, 2015. Both parties have requested a jury trial.

2016 State of Midlands v. Avery Bancroft and Chase Covington 

  • On April 19, 2015, officers from the Midlands State Police Department arrested Chase Covington, the chair of the Midlands Gambling Commission, and Avery Bancroft, a local businessperson, on suspicion that Bancroft bribed Covington in an attempt to procure Covington’s support for a new casino license. Covington argues that no bribe occurred. Bancroft admits that a transfer of money took place but argues that Bancroft was entrapped by the actions of law enforcement.

2016 State of Midlands v. Skyler Sinclair (NCT Case)

  • “Mickey Keenan,” an undercover officer for the Midlands State Police Department, was known for blowing open some of the Department’s biggest cases. On March 18, 2016, the Blitz News Network exposed “Keenan’s” identity—Jamie Robinson. Hours later, Robinson was dead. One of the suspects in Robinson’s final investigation is now on trial for Robinson’s murder.

2017 Riley Winter v. TBD, Inc.

  • Riley Winter is a ​prominent professional writer. On December 23, 2015, Winter was fired from Winter's job at the defendant's magazine. Winter contends that the termination violated the Midlands Age Discrimination Act.

2017 Alex Taylor v. Trifecta Entertainment (NCT Case)

  • On January 27, 2016, Trifecta Entertainment released The Debate, a play written by Jesse Parks. Within weeks The Debate was the hottest ticket in town. Parks’s former roommate Alex Taylor alleges that The Debate is copied from Taylor’s original play, The Argument. On August 15, 2016, Taylor filed a civil lawsuit against Trifecta alleging copyright infringement and seeking damages.

2018 State of Midlands v. Dylan Hendricks

  • Authorities have charged Dylan Hendricks with the attempted murder of Kerry Bell-Leon, the spouse of Carmen Bell-Leon. Carmen and Dylan were engaged in a romantic relationship.

2018 United States v. Parker Barrow (NCT Case)

  • On October 31, 2017, two masked individuals entered Third National Bank in Midlands City and robbed the bank at gunpoint.  Police apprehended both, and both pled guilty.  On April 20, 2018, Parker Barrow, the bank teller, stands trial for armed bank robbery and conspiracy.

2019 Midlands Television Studios v Danny Kosack

  • On June 29, 2017, Defendant Danny Kosack was scheduled to appear on the highly-rated show Midlands After Dark with Alex Grace (produced by Plaintiff, Midlands Television Studios, Inc.) with Elias, Kosack's chimpanzee. But a rehearsal before the show went terribly wrong when Elias attacked the people in the room. Plaintiff's writer, Chris Villafana, was killed during the attack, and Plaintiff and Defendant have sued each other for negligence.

2019 Empowermilk v. Anderson (NCT Case) ​

  • Empowermilk, Inc. thought it was about to take sales of its hit drink, Almond Power, to a new level in the fall of 2017. A massive contract with the Midlands Unified School District was within reach, and sales were booming. Then, in late October, everything came crashing down. Days after Jerri Anderson, an athlete and social media influencer, posted that Almond Power contained lead, Empowermilk failed to get the school district contract and its sales dropped precipitously. As a result, Empowermilk filed this defamation case against Anderson. Both parties have requested a jury trial.

2020 State of Midlands v. Jordan Ryder

  • Jordan Ryder was indicted for either (1) aggravated murder or (2) involuntary manslaughter for causing the death of Jordan’s minor daughter, Parker Paige, during a hiking trip at Calkins Campground. Jordan Ryder has entered a plea of “not guilty” and the matter is scheduled for a jury trial in the Midlands Center District Court.

2020 Stevie Rogers v. Drew Mars (OLT Case)

  • World-famous mystery author Agatha Lee has died, leaving her $20 million estate to her caretaker Drew Mars. Lee’s disinherited grandchild, Stevie Rogers, is suing to have the will set aside, claiming Mars murdered Lee.
  • This case is a 4 v. 4 case (i.e. it is a 2 attorney / 2 witness case for each side).

2021 Estate of Genesis Petrillo v. Harper Martini and Peony Estates

  • Casey Soto and Genesis Petrillo had planned their wedding for June 8, 2019 at Peony Estates, a winery and bed & breakfast owned and operated by Casey’s parent, Harper Martini. During the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, Harper presented Genesis with a bottle of wine, which Genesis drank. After drinking the wine, Genesis died, and a toxicology report revealed the presence of pesticides in Genesis’ system. Genesis’ estate has sued Harper Martini and Peony Estates for battery and negligence per se.

2021 Tray Westenmeier v. Kiran Walton (NCT Case)

  • Tray Westenmeier, tenant, has filed a complaint against Kiran Walton, landlord, for breach of the implied warranty of habitability due to a bed bug infestation at the Lakeside Apartments and is seeking actual and punitive damages. The matter is scheduled for a jury trial in the Midlands Center Court of Common Pleas.

2021 Sana Yoshida v. Woodward High School (OLT Case)

  • Plaintiff Sana Yoshida claims that she was harmed by Coach Alex Steiner and that Defendant Woodward High School is responsible for that harm because Woodward High School negligently hired and retained Steiner.
  • This is a 4 v. 4 case (i.e. it is a 2 attorney / 2 witness case for each side).

2022 State of Midlands v. Dakota Sutcliffe

  • Dakota Sutcliffe was originally charged with and convicted of felony murder. Sutcliffe’s conviction was overturned, and the case was remanded back to the trial court after the Midlands Supreme Court found the felony murder rule to be unconstitutional. The State of Midlands has indicted Sutcliffe on one count of Aggravated Arson for the burning of Chuggie’s Bar and the death of a local firefighter, Jaylen Williams.

2022 State of Midlands v. Jean Riggs (NCT Case)

  • Casey Bartholomew, a long-tenured lab technician, was found deceased due to an apparent drug overdose, in the forensics laboratory, using drugs from the lab. Over the next few months, investigators uncovered a scheme whereby state employees were skimming money and drugs seized in criminal investigations and mis-entering information about the seizures on lab slips. Defendant Officer Jean Riggs is now implicated in that scheme and charged with the felonies of falsifying state records and theft of state property.

2022 Chase Arensman v. Scanlon Screening (RR Case)

  • In 2020, Scanlon Screening released its Safe Strip technology, which Scanlon advertised was the most accurate and reliable home Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19. In November 2020, Chase Arensman, a lab manager at Scanlon, reported to Scanlon’s management team that Arensman believed that Scanlon was falsifying its test results to make the tests seem more accurate than they actually were. On December 1, 2020, Scanlon terminated Arensman. Arensman contends that Arensman was terminated in retaliation for reporting Scanlon’s misconduct, in violation of Midlands’ whistleblower protection statute.
  • This is a 4 v. 4 case (i.e. it is a 2 attorney / 2 witness per side case).

2023 Ari Felder v. Koeller Campbell Air, LLC

  • On July 4, 2021, attorney Morgan Felder joined pilot Reese Campbell for a flight over Basin Lake. After departing the Rapid River Valley Airfield, the aircraft deviated from its planned route and eventually crashed into the nearby Mount McIntosh. There were no survivors. Ari Felder—Morgan’s spouse—has brought a negligence suit against Koller Campbell Air LLC, the company that owned the aircraft.

2023 Robin Skye v. Aubrey Gold (NCT Case)

  • In 2012, Robin Skye was wrongfully convicted of murder. After being exonerated in 2022, Robin Skye now sues their defense attorney, Aubrey Gold, for legal malpractice.

​2023 State v. Kendall Whitley (RR Case)

  • Earlier this year, a historic Midlands theme park called RacheterWorld (pronounced rock-ter world) was bulldozed to the ground after the mayor of Breckenridge County used the power of eminent domain to force its sale to Sahara. After the deal was done and the mayor faced public backlash, the mayor claimed that extortion by Sahara’s regional manager motivated the sale.
  • ​This is a 4 v. 4 case (i.e. it is a 2 attorney / 2 witness per side case).