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Winning Objections: A Mock Trial Guidebook
By: Brian Pilchik, Amanda Mundell, and Emily Miller
ISBN: 978-0-578-62445-7
Winning Objections, LLC, 2020.

2019.12.12 Front Cover.jpegThe Rules of Evidence didn’t come with instructions — until now.

Written by former mock trial national championship competitors, coaches, and founders of Harvard Law School Mock Trial, Winning Objections is designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about trial objections.

For beginners, this book has the simple explanations you need to learn the basics, from relevance and hearsay to character evidence and speculation. For advanced advocates, we answer questions like “How does the best evidence rule work?’” or “What exactly is extrinsic evidence?” Inside, you’ll find sample arguments, trial transcripts, and cheat sheets, plus dozens of tips and tricks you can use anywhere from the national level of competition to the inside of a real courtroom.

Whether you’re a mock trial competitor or an aspiring trial attorney, it’s time you started Winning Objections. More information at our website

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