"One Last Time" Mock Trial Tournament

AMTA is excited to announce the One Last Time Tournament scheduled for August 7-9, 2020. More than a thousand competitors had their season cut short this year and hundreds of those were seniors. This tournament aims to honor this year’s recent graduates and provide them an opportunity to compete One Last Time.

The Competition

  • Teams will consist of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 5 competitors.
  • Two attorneys and two witnesses will compete per side.
  • Registered teams will receive the case 10 days before the tournament.
  • Time restrictions will be allotted per attorney rather than by speeches, directs, and crosses.
  • After four rounds, the top two teams will compete head to head in the Final Round.

The Fee

  • Nothing!
  • Free!
  • AMTA will not be charging any registration fee to any participant for this competition.

The Case

  • World-famous mystery author Agatha Lee has died, leaving her $20 million estate to her caretaker Drew Mars. Lee’s disinherited grandchild, Stevie Rogers, is suing to have the will set aside, claiming Mars murdered Lee.

The Teams

  • Competitor eligibility is described here.
  • Competitors may pick their teams regardless of school affiliation. If you have ever wanted to compete with your best friends from another school, this is your chance!
  • If you are interested in competing and are not able to form a full team, AMTA will match you with others to create a full team. You can register as an individual or as a group of 2 or more.
  • If your team composition drops below the minimum number of competitors before the competition, AMTA will match you with sufficient competitors to field a team.

The Registration

  • Registration is now open! It will close at 5:00 pm PST (8pm EST) on July 10th.
  • How to Register
    • Eligible competitors may register as:
    • Full and partial teams must select one person from the team to be the main contact. All communications from AMTA before and during the tournament will be through the main contact.
    • You must inform us via email if your team composition changes at any point before the tournament. Also, if your team composition goes below four members, contact us immediately so that we can match you with competitors from the waitlist or alternates list.
  • Team Number Assignment Required
    • While we hope to give every registrant a place in the tournament, we cannot make any guarantees. Only those who have an assigned team number are guaranteed a spot in the tournament. In the below sections, the process for team number assignment and confirmation.
  • Individuals and Partial Teams – Team Matching Process
    • Individuals and partial teams will be matched to each other based on their role preferences listed on the registration forms. While we hope to accommodate all role preferences, we cannot guarantee partial teams or individuals their requested roles.
    • Teams formed during the matching process may be composed of all individual registrants, a partial team and individual registrants, or two partial teams.
    • After a full team is created, we will send you an email with the team assignments and the contact information for the team members. The new team has 48-hours to respond confirming team composition. If the team timely responds, it will be assigned a team number. Failure to respond to the confirmation email will forfeit your team composition. The team will be dissolved and returned to the bottom of the individual and partial teams’ matching list.
  • Full Teams – Team Number Confirmation
    • After the close of registration, we will send you an email assigning a team number. The team has 48-hours to respond confirming the team number. Failure to respond to the confirmation email will forfeit your team number and your team will be moved to the waitlist.

The Location

  • All trials will take place online using Zoom.  
  • Updated rules for competing in an online format will be provided closer to the competition.  
  • To see how some of the most elite mock trial competitions in the country have effectively used Zoom, check out these videos.

This page will be updated with more information as we get closer to the opening of registration. In the meantime, please email us with any questions


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