Mock Trial Textbooks

Pleasing the Court: A Mock Trial Handbook

By: Dr. John R. Vile
ISBN: 967-1-285-11834-5
Cengage Learning, 2012

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Cengage Learning is pleased to announce the publication of the fifth edition of PLEASING THE COURT: A MOCK TRIAL HANDBOOK.

Authored by a successful college coach, this handbook may be used either as a text in schools, colleges and universities that offer mock trial for credit or as an aid to students in institutions that offer mock trial purely as an extra-curricular activity. Although especially useful for new coaches and schools, this guide also provides insights for veteran mock trial students.

            • Learn tested and effective strategies for mock trial attorneys and witnesses.
            • Identify elements of good openings, closings, directs, and cross examinations.
            • Find how to conduct a voir dire, make an offer of proof, raise and respond to objections, and prepare and introduce exhibits.
            • Gain ready access to clearly stated explanations of mock trial rules

Pleasing the Court is authored by Dr. John R. Vile, Dean of the University Honors College and a long-time mock trial coach at Middle Tennessee State University. Vile has published numerous other books and is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Mock Trial Association. Pleasing the Court is available directly from Cengage Learning. Orders may be placed by e-mail at higheredcs@cengage.com, by phone at (800) 354-9706 and by Fax at (800) 487-8488. A portion of each sale goes to AMTA.

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